Payment Details

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In order to get your payments moving quickly, there are two separate steps to be aware of ahead of time. The first step involves determining how to provide us with the funds for your transaction. The second step determines the delivery method in which your recipient will receive the funds.

Step one: Sending us your funds

Choose how you will send the funds from your financial institution to us.

Sending Funds (to us) Fee Process Time* Description

Bill Pay


1 day

Simply add Custom House** to your list of bill payees in your online banking account.

Available at the majority of major Canadian banks and credit unions.

Direct Debit


3 days

Link your chequing account to us. We'll withdraw funds when the transaction is booked.

Wire Transfers


1 day

Initiate a Wire Transfer through your bank. Wire instructions are provided to you at the time you book your transactions.

Sending bank may charge fee.

*All processing times (for the incoming payment) are subject to change.

**Western Union acquired Custom House in 2009 and owns and operates Custom House as Western Union Business Solutions along with it services under the Western Union name.

Step two: Choose your delivery method

We offer a variety of methods in which you may deliver funds to your beneficiary.

Fees may vary based on sender and receiver locations. Please note that the recipient's bank may charge additional fees.

Delivery Method (to recipient) Fee Process Time Description

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT/ACH)


3-5 days

Available for select currencies and countries, ACH transfers are an excellent lower-cost option for your less urgent payments. These electronic transfers deposit funds directly into your recipient’s account, but can’t include a “payment reference”.

Wire Transfers


1-2 days

Available for most currencies and countries, wire transfers are an excellent option for your more urgent payments. These electronic transfers deposit funds directly into your recipient's account, and can include a "payment reference".

Draft (cheque)


10-15 days

Mailed as a draft (cheque) to the address of your recipient.

Available in select countries.