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Simple payment and hedging solutions for mining companies

Whether you’re testing new sites in Peru, extracting from active mines in Ghana, or settling balances with investors Western Union Business Solutions can help mining companies increase working capital* and manage currency exposures.
* Access to an unsecured line of credit can only be determined after due diligence is conducted.

The question is ‘HOW?’
The answer is WU® EDGE

With long-term exposures in foreign markets, you need visibility into your costs and certainty that your bottom line is protected.

Send International Payments

Send payments, manage cash flow, and hedge your bottom line with the click of your mouse.

Manage Operational Costs

Effectively manage operating and engineering costs with the WU® EDGE platform to help improve visibility into your net FX exposure.

Monitor your exposure to risk

Proactively measure risk by simulating currency movement with the volatility slider tool.

Access to multiple and exotic currencies

Help protect your bottom line with hedging capabilities in over 30 currencies and enjoy speed of delivery in many exotic African and South American currencies

Send Payments in Local Currency

Reliably deliver payroll payments in full to your international staff in local currency.